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  • Test the effects of various Gold concentrations on the formation of purple solution or fibers. The concentration of BSA is kept constant.
  • Continue the protein expression from experiment on November 15th.


  • Synthesis of Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles

1. Four Test tubes were prepared.

  • Test Tube 1 contained 0.1ml BSA (30µM), 0.2ml HAuCl4(4.17mM), and 0.7ml H2O.
  • Test Tube 2 contained 0.1ml BSA (30µM), 0.143ml HAuCl4 (4.17mM, and 0.757ml H2O.
  • Test Tube 3 contained 0.1ml BSA (30µM), 0.115ml HAuCl4 (4.17mM), and 0.785ml H2O.
  • Test Tube 4A contained 0.1ml BSA (30µM) and excess of HAuCl4. Solution was filled to 1ml with H2O.
  • Test Tube 4B contained 0.1ml BSA (30µM), 0.086ml HAuCl4 (4.17mM) and 0.814ml water.

2. The four tubes were placed in a heatblock set at 80°C.

  • Protein Expression
  1. To each medium prepared yesterday, 1.1ml of Ampicillin (300mg Ampicilin + 4ml water), 1ml of cell suspension (which grew up overnight) and 1ml of (380mg Isopropyl β-D-1-thiogalactopyranoside in 4ml H2O) were added.
  2. Placed the four mixtures in the shaker for several hours to facilitate cell proliferation
  3. The four mixtures were centrifuged.
  4. Medium was added to the cells and the mixture was placed into fridge set at -80°C.


Tube 1: Clear solution with yellow fibers.

Tube 2: Clear solution with purple fibers.

Tube 3: Homogeneous purple solution.

Tube 4A: Homogeneous yellow solution.

Tube 4B: Clear solution with yellow fibers.

16nov-GoldNPs result.jpg


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