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  • Continue experiment conducted on October 25th, 2011.
  • Determine whether or not proteins' fibers form in the absence of gold.
  • Perform synthesis of purple protein fibers using BSA, HAuCl4 and H2O .


  • Destain Gel

1. Coomassie Blue stain was removed.

2. The destaining solution was added to the gel.

3. The gel was left on the shaker

  • Conjugate Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis

1. In Tube 1, 1 mL BSA (15 uM) , 2 mL HAuCl4 (0.75 mM), and 7 mL H2O were added to produce a HAuCl4 to BSA molar ratio 100.

2. In Tube 2, only 1 mL BSA (15 uM) and 9 mL H2O were added.

3. The two Tubes were placed in the 80°C oven and the following procedure was executed.

  • After 30 minutes, the tubes were left outside for 10 minutes.
  • Following 10 minutes the Tubes were placed back into the 80°C oven and the cycle was repeated for a period of 2 hours.


  • Protein Expression

As seen in the image below, the protein was successfully isolated, however, purification was not completely successful.

26oct - Electrophoresis.JPG

  • Synthesis of Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles

In Tube 1, Grey fibers formed.

In Tube 2, The solution was clear and transparent.


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