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  • Conduct a four point probe to determine the conductivity of the BSA conjugated gold nanoparticles.


  1. A small Teflon paper was prepared.
  2. Four short palladium foils were prepared with the following dimensions:
  • (4.8mm by 6.3mm), Area= 30.24mm2
  • (2.3mm by 7.4mm), Area= 17.02mm2
  • (2.2mm by 7.4mm), Area= 16.28mm2
  • (3mm by 7.5mm), Area= 22.5mm2

3. Palladium wires were then glued to the palladium foils using CircuitWorks® 5 Minute Conductive Epoxy.

4.The foil containing the palladium wires were then glued to the Teflon paper.


  • The wires failed to stick to the Teflon paper.


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