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patrollinks.js is a JavaScript tool to add patrolling links directly on Special:Newpages beside unpatrolled entries for easy patrolling of obvious good pages without having to navigate to the page.


In the monobook skin and others with "p-cactions" links (edit, history, watch, etc. on the top of pages in monobook) a new "patrol links" link/tab will be added to activate the patrol links. On skins without this (Classic) the links will be turned on by default. You can also turn them on by default in other skins using an option described below.

In skins where the links are not always on by default, the links can also be turned off using the "hide patrol links" button (and then restored using the "patrol links" button again).


Simply add <source lang="javascript">importScript('User:Mr.Z-man/patrollinks.js');</source> to your monobook JS page (or whatever skin you use) and bypass your cache.

To have the links always on by default, use: <source lang="javascript"> showbydefault = true; importScript('User:Mr.Z-man/patrollinks.js'); </source>