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Doing Final, Full Sequence Checking of my T7 Library

  • Worked with Vivek, he did the sequence checking much faster than I could have, and the bottom line is this:

Glycerol Stocks/Assays Bad, but second miniprep is good (need to transform into BL21 cells)

  • R14
  • R19
  • G18

(ie R14.2, R19.2, G18.2 are all good, but need to be transformed into BL21 cells)

Glycerol Stocks/Assays Bad, but have a second miniprep that needs to be checked

  • R4
  • R15
  • R22
  • G22

Glycerol Stocks/Assays Bad, and second miniprep is bad

  • R7

In terms of existing assay data, this means I need to throw out 4,7, 14, 15, 18, 19, and 22 (7 in total).

Ignore the following below, it was the beginning of my sequence checking before Vivek came over to help me.

Doing Final, Full Sequence Checking of my T7 Library

  • R1 - good
  • R2 - very good
  • R3 - good
  • R4 - good
  • R5 - very good
  • R6 - good
  • R7_new - no good, RFP looks highly mutated
  • R8 - very good
  • R9 - good
  • R10 - very good
  • R11 - very good
  • R12 - very good
  • R13 - good
  • R14_new - good
  • R15 - good

NOTE R14_new is good. Need to transform it into BL21 and replace the old R14 from the library!

Parts that are no good from this round of sequencing

  • R7_new