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Picking a several odd cases to re-sequence just to confirm everything is alright with them, as well as one control group G,R12) which looks totally ok (id GFP and RFP are in lock-step). Picking:

  • G,R18
  • G,R19
  • G,R7
  • G,R6
  • G,R15
  • G,R13
  • G,R14
  • G,R20
  • G,R12
  • G,R23

Picking constructs for In Vitro Microfluidic Assays

I was instructed to pick 6 of each, of varying strengths of expression, and to go for ones which have good correlation rather than bad. Picking:

  • G,R 8
  • G,R 15
  • G,R 11
  • G,R 17
  • G,R 5
  • G,R 9

Inoculating two tubes of 15mL each of each construct (2 GFP, 2 RFP per number, for a total of 24).