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Checking Sequencing Data


  • E06 and E07 a little funky, not lining up well with RFP. E06 has almost no matching, E07 only a little strange, not very far off.
  • R3.2 should be RFP, are in fact in a GFP backbone. However, R3.1 is on RFP, so it should be fine.
  • R7.1 sequenced weird, R 7.2 has some mutations
  • R6.1 no match to RFP, but R6.2 is ok
  • R10.1 is gibberish, should be RFP. However, R10.2 is RFP, so it should be fine.
  • R22.1, R22.2, R23.1, R23.2, R24.1 and R24.2 are in GFP backbones
  • B04 (G4.2) does not map onto GFP at all. However, G4.1 does, so I shouldn't have a problem here.
  • B04 (G4.2) matches well to RFP.
  • G4.2 is in RFP, but it should be ok, because G4.1 is ok (ie, in GFP).
  • Otherwise, all G's are ok

R2.2 ok R1.2 ok

  • R6.1 sequenced weirdly. However, R6.2 lines up well with RFP, so it should be fine.

Questions on:

  • R10.1
  • R10.2 (SNP ok?)
  • R6.1

Need to re-do in some way:

  • R7 (7.1 sequenced weird, 7.2 has some substitution mutations)
  • R16 (no colonies)
  • R17 (no colonies)
  • R18 (no colonies)
  • R22 (both GFP)
  • R23 (both GFP)
  • R24 (both GFP)
  • might be worth re-doing R20, R10

T7 promoter

  • present in all R's
  • present in all G's

Makoff RBS part 1

  • present in all G's
  • present in all R's

Good sequences

  • All G clones are good, except for G4.2
  • R1.1 (R1.2 ok - SNP)
  • R2.1 (R2.2 ok - SNP)
  • R3.1
  • R4.1 or R4.2
  • R5.1 or R5.2
  • R6.2 (R6.1 gibberish)
  • R8.1 or R8.2
  • R9.1 or R9.2
  • R10.2 (ok - has SNP)
  • R11.1 or R11.2
  • R12.1 or R12.2
  • R13.1 (R13.2 ok - SNP)
  • R14.1 (R14.2 ok - SNP)
  • R15.1 (R15.2 ok - SNP)
  • R19.1 or R19.2
  • R20.1 or R20.2 (minor SNPs in both)
  • R21.1 or R21.2