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February 12th, 2015

Kinetics of 1 nM Proteinase K Degradation of AuNP Fibers

1 nM Proteinase K was made by taking 10 µL of the stock, and diluting up to 1 mL with buffer. 6.9 µL of that was diluted up to 3 mL with buffer for a final reactant volume concentration of 1 nM protease. The fibers were spun at 300 RPM for 10 minutes, and the liquid extracted. The solid fibers were added to the cuvette with minimal liquid. The protease was added on top.

The OceanOptics was set at 37°C, scan every 5 minutes for 6 hours.


Based on visual analysis after the 6 hour period, the fibers were still present in solution, and there was not much of a discernible colorimetric shift. There was also particulate matter on top of the cuvette when the reaction finished.

1nM ProtK Kinetics AbsvsTime Chart.png

1nM ProtK Kinetics Chart.png