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October 22, 2014

Primary Experiment #3 - Work-up

0.6 g/L Lysozyme vs CaCl2 using MWCO 3500

After extracting all ten samples from their respective wells it was noticed that the lysozyme stock solution (as well as each sample) contained precipitated lysozyme protein. Thus, the samples could not be used for the analysis/work-up.

The same experiment was set up as done previously to run over the weekend:

Well 1 Well 2 Well 3 Well 4 Well 5
0.6 g/L lysozyme 0.6 g/L lysozyme 0.6 g/L lysozyme 0.6 g/L lysozyme 0.6 g/L lysozome
50 mM CaCl2 5 mM CaCl2 0.5 mM CaCl2 50 μM CaCl2 5 μM CaCl2

KI Electrode Testing

We continued with making an I- ISE to determine concentration of iodide in solution.


  1. Ag/AgCl Electrode:
    1. The plastic covering was removed, and stored in the 3 M NaCl solution
  2. Double-Junction:
    1. Diluted saturated KNO3 was added to the double junction cell
  3. Silver Wire:
    1. A piece was cut and placed in KI/KNO3 solution and electrolyzed
  4. KI Standard Curve:
    1. The Ag/AgCl electrode was placed in the double-junction electrode. The Ag/AgCl electrode was attached to the multimeter
    2. The silver wire was attached directly to the alligator clip
    3. KI solutions were tested for potential


KI Electrode Calibration Curve 10 22.png

[KI], mM ln of KI Potential, mV
50 3.912023005 -278.3
5 1.609437912 -223
0.5 -0.693147181 -161.8
0.05 -2.995732274 -105.1
0.005 -5.298317367 -70