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  1. Finish standards prep(1-1/50 of 20ppm stocks, 4-6standards for each)
  2. Add NaMT to CuSO4 blue solution prepared on 09/21/2012
  3. Prepare solutions for atomic absorption analysis:
   *NaMT-CuSO4 exchange solution
   *100% CEC (Bu3HdP+)-MT surfactant clay-CuSO4 exchange solution
   *50% CEC (Bu3HdP+)-MT surfactant clay-CuSO4 exchange solution
  1. Prepare films:
   *1.0gPVOH+0.1g NaMT+0.8wt% glutaraldehyde
   *1.0gPVOH+0.1g 100% CEC (Bu3HdP+)-MT surfactant clay+0.8wt% glutaraldehyde

CuSO4 exchanged solutions

General Protocol:

  1. Pour 20mL of CuSO4 stock solution(prepared on 09/21/2012) into a clean beaker with a magnetic stirrer.
  2. Stir solution breifly(~1min)
  3. Add 0.1g clay to solution while solution is stirring. Immediately start a timer.
  4. Allow solution to stir for desired amount of time(for this experiment the time intervals 1min, 5min, and 10min will be used).
  5. Once the time period has ended, immediately filter the solution with a dry 42 Whatman filter paper
  6. Collect clay from filter paper and dry. Save clay for later analysis
  • Note: Make sure that all glassware is clean and dry. To ensure that the glassware is dry, rinse the glassware with acetone and place in an oven(~60°C) for ~5min to dry.

CuSO4 exchanged solutions

Type of clay time stirred (min)
NaMT 1
NaMT 5
NaMT 10
100% CEC 1
100% CEC 5
100% CEC 10
50% CEC 1
50% CEC 5
50% CEC 10