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Polyvinyl alcohol(PVOH) film preparation

  • General Procedure:
    • Place 0.5g PVOH in a 10mL beaker with a small stir bar
    • Add 3mL of water
      • For each additional 0.5g, add an additional ~2mL of water
    • Place on hot plate and heat to 70°C-80°C
    • Stir and heat until dissolved(~15 min)
    • Remove stir bar and any remaining gel
    • Quickly pour solution into a Teflon dish. If excess gel is present remove with tweezers
    • Allow film to air dry overnight in fume hood
  • Prepared PVOH films using general procedure
    • 0.5g PVOH (MW 130,000) in 3mL water
    • 1.0g PVOH (MW 130,000) in 5mL water
  • Notes
    • An additional 2mL-3mL of water was added to fully dissolve the PVOH