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To determine the concentration of Au+3 left unreacted in solution in the fiber solutions using electrochemistry.


  1. Make the following dilutions of chloroauric acid to create a calibration curve:
    • 5.00 mM
    • 1.00 mM
    • 500 μM
    • 100 μM
    • 50.0 μM
    • 10.0 μM
    • 5.00 μM
    • 1.00 μM
    • 500 nM
    • 100 nM
  2. Add 0.1 mL of 0.5 mM aqueous KNO3 to each solution.
  3. Use cyclic voltammetry with two glassy carbon electrodes (0.35 cm2), scanning from -0.5 V to 1.7 V and returning to -0.8 V for each solution.


  • Graph of current vs applied potential of each dilution of Au+3:
Current vs applied potential 3-20-12.png


Detection limit for glassy carbon electrodes is not low enough to determine concentration of Au3+ in fiber solution.