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1. To de-stain gels.

2. Nanoparticle synthesis to create purple fibers.

3. Create solution with only BSA in water so see if clear or white fibers are seen.



  • Empty stain from tupperware into waste container.
  • Add de-staining solution and let sit for duration of lab.


  • Create two solutions:
    • Combine 1 mL BSA and 2 mL gold solution. Dilute with water to 10 mL.
    • Add 1 mL BSA to a test tube. Dilute with water to 10 mL.
  • Store solutions in oven at approximately 80°C.
  • At 30-minute increments, remove the solutions and let sit at room temperature. After 10 minutes, put solutions back into the oven.
  • Repeat for the duration of the lab.


This is a picture of all of the gels produced in lab.


This is a picture of our group's gel (group 3).

Group3 gel.jpg


Dark green matter formed at the top of the test tube.