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To determine the sensitivity of a fluorimeter using standard concentrations of Ru(bpy)(phen) and repeat dilution of MBP to determine the molar absorptivity using the UV-Vis.


  1. Create standard solutions of 0 μM, 20 μM, 40 μM, 60 μM, 80 μM, and 100 μM Ru(bpy)(phen) from a stock solution of 360 μM with acetonitrile as the solvent. Run solutions through a fluorimeter.
  2. Create a solution of MBP in water from the original stock solution diluted by 1000. Use the UV-Vis to take a spectrum of the diluted solution.


This graph shows the absorbance of MBP vs. wavelength

MBP absorbance v wavelength.png

This graph shows the absorbance of MBP zoomed in a 280 nm

MBP absorbance 280 zoom.png

This graph shows the molar absorptivity of MBP vs. wavelength

Molar absorptivity v wavelength MBP.png

This graph shows the fluorimeter intensity vs. wavelength

Intensity v. wavelength.png