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To prepare a zein protein film.


  • Zein protein film formation with BSA conjugated NPs was carried out as follows:
  1. A clear solution of zein (10% w/v) in aqueous ethanol (90% v/v) along with glycerol (30% on zein weight basis) as plasticizer was prepared.
  2. Approximately five grams of this filmogenic solution was placed in a 9 cm diameter plastic Petri dish and gently swirled to coat the bottom of the dish.
  3. It was placed without a lid on a level surface (checked with a spirit level) in an oven at 40°C for 24 h.
  • Calculations:

ethanol solution: 90% v/v solution = 9mL ethanol, 1mL water

10% w/v zein = 0.1 g/mL, 1g zein in 10 mL

30% glycerol on zein weight basis = 0.3g glycerol

0.3g glycerol x 1 mL / 1.261g = 0.238 mL


  • The film was yellow and shiny, but when we tried to peel it out from the petri dish, we found that it was too brittle. The third picture is what appears under a microscope.



Zein protein film.JPG


The resulting film was more brittle than the others and came off in pieces rather than a large round film. The cause is mostly likely too little glycerol.