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Creating 10% MOF in ABS

It was predicted that testing of each MOF/ABS mix will require a total of about 70 grams of material. To this end, today was spent creating enough polymer for the 10% MOF/ABS samples to be made.


  • All compounding was done at 195 °C and using 80 RPM
  • Initially, 12 grams of natural ABS were added to the compounder and extruded. The pure ABS that was extruded was massed and subtracted from the initial mass of ABS added.
  • Enough MOF-5 and ABS were added to bring the total mass in the extruder up to 12 grams such that 1.2 g was MOF-5 (10%).
  • After scraping as much loose powder into the compounder as possible, some polymer was extruded and reintroduced through the opening in an effort to pick up as much MOF as possible.
  • The polymer was extruded and massed then the mass was used to determine how much ABS and MOF-5 should be added to produce another batch of 10% MOF/ABS.
  • The process was repeated enough times to collect about 65-70 grams

Calculations/Masses used

  • The table below details the masses of MOF-5 and ABS used to create the product.

10% MOF in ABS chart.png