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Creating Samples of 10% and 20% ZIF-8 in ABS

  • To begin, 12.0011 g of ABS was added to the compounder at 195°C and 80 RPM.
  • 8.85785 g was extruded.
  • 1.2008 g ZIF-8 and 7.6681 g ABS were added.
  • 0.02529 g unmelted ABS was removed.
  • 7.71074 g of 10.018% ZIF-8/ABS was extruded and collected.
  • To the remaining 4.276 g material in the extruder, 1.9763 g ZIF-8 and 5.7505 g ABS were added.
  • 8.75301 g of 20.028% ZIF-8/ABS was extruded and collected.


  • Significant discoloration was observed in the resulting composite material. It was also noted that smoke was produced during the mixing process. This could be indicative of oxidation. Future ZIF-8 containing compounds should be made under nitrogen.