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  • Repeat measurements done last Wednesday with additional 2 hour samples.
  • Prepare 24 hour incubation samples with the three concentrations of Rhodamine B.
  • Prepare new fibers


  • The same protocol was used today that was used yesterday.
  • I came in 2 hours early today to start the incubation process for the 2 hour samples. I added the volumes of each Rhodamine stock that are described in Nicole's notebook.
  • I ran the UV-Vis spec on the samples.
  • Nicole and Maxi prepared new fibers and started a 24 hour incubation. See Nicole's notebook for details.


  • Data:

2 hour compiled 2-10uM data.png Figure 1: The data table above compiles the 2 hour data for the past two days of 2 hour testing. Samples 4-6 of each concentration were run today.

  • The following graph was created from the UV-Vis data that was collected today.

2 hour compiled 2-10uM bar graph black avg.png Figure 2: The graph above plots the percent change in concentration of Rhodamine B in solution after 2 hours of incubation at room temperature.