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  • Analyze 24 hour samples that incubated overnight
  • Create and Analyze 2 hour samples


  • Fiber synthesis was unsuccessful, so another batch of fiber synthesis samples was created by Maxi and Nicole. See Nicole's notebook for information on preparation of new fibers.

Analysis of 24 hour Incubation Samples

  • Fiber samples that were incubated with Rhodamine B for 24 hours were analyzed using UV-Vis today.
  • UV-Vis was performed from 190 nm to 800 nm using a 700 μL quartz cuvette.
  • Samples were carefully pipetted out of the glass test tubes and into the cuvette. Transference was done such that only supernatant was transferred and fibers were all left behind.
  • Data was analyzed by subtracting a water blank spectrum from all spectra and subtracting the average value of 700nm-800nm from each respective spectrum. Data are presented as percent change in concentration


Raw 24 Hour Spectra Rhodamine B.png

Figure 1: The image above shows the raw spectra for Rhodamine B absorption by AuNP fibers over 24 hours.

Percent change in Concentration After Incubation 24 Hours with Fibers.png

Figure 2: The image above shows the percent change in concentration of Rhodamine B in AuNP fiber solutions that were incubated for 24 hours.