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Creating a New Fluorescence Calibration Curve

  • A calibration curve relating the fluorescence of Rhodamine B to its concentration will be created from data gathered today.


  • The fluorescence responses of Rhodamine B were anomalous, with certain larger concentrations fluorescing at a lower intensity than certain lower concentrations. It was determined that this may be the result of dimerization at lower concentrations. It is necessary to perform UV-Vis on the solutions prior to fluorescence analysis in order to determine if there may be some dimerization causing the strange results. Unfortunately, the UV-Vis was being used and attempts to set up a new UV-Vis spectrophotometer fell short. As soon as UV-vis is available, we will test our standard solutions in this way.
  • Fluorescence data was not removed from the fluorescence computer prior to Spring Break so worked-up data will not be available until at least next week.