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  • Run ICP, UV-Vis, and Conductivity analyses on samples prepared yesterday.

Prepare Unreacted Samples of Lysozyme and Chloroauric Acid

  • Becky and I prepared 3 20 mL samples of lysozyme and chloroauric acid that were not placed in the oven to form fibers.
  • These samples were prepared using stock solutions made by Dr. Hartings, and the protocol listed in his notebook.

Final Sample Prep for Analyses

  • The contents of the sample vials created yesterday were transferred to 50 mL Falcon tubes with a gentle swirl.
  • Falcon tubes were then spun down at 4000 RPM for 5 minutes.
  • 3 mL of the supernatant after centrifugation was analyzed using ocean optics. A single spectrum was collected for each of the samples created yesterday.
  • An ICP (Dr. Hartings used my standards to create a calibration curve) and conductivity reading was then taken using the remaining supernatant from each sample.

Samples Run by Me and Becky

  • 3 samples of unreacted lysozyme and chloroauric acid
  • 3 samples of colloidal gold (solutions where fibers did not form but nanoparticles did form)
  • 2 samples of lysozyme
  • 2 samples of chloroauric acid

ICP and Conductivity

  • Becky ran ICP and conductivity tests on the samples and the data from those analyses can be found on her notebook page for today.


  • I ran UV-Vis and the results can be found below


  • Below are plots of the UV-Vis absorbance spectra of the samples mentioned above.

UV-Vis chloroauric Acid Blanks.png

UV-Vis Lysozyme Blanks.png

UV-Vis Nanoparticle Blanks.png

UV-Vis Unreacted Samples of gold and lysozyme.png