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Run Ocean Optics Kinetics test on degradation of AuNP Fibers by 1 uM proteinase K.


5 1 mL AuNP fiber samples were centrifuged (and supernatant fluid removed), and combined into one 1 mL sample in Tris/NaCl buffer solution. A small volume of proteinase K was added such that the the volume of proteinase K in the cuvette was 1 uM. The degradation of the AuNP fibers was then monitored using the Ocean Optics UV-Vis. Spectra were taken every 2 minutes, with one spectrum taken before the addition of the proteinase K.

Set up protocols for the Ocean Optics UV-Vis can be found here.


Ocean Optics 10-13.png

Figure 1: The figure above shows the spectra for the first 60 minutes of the degradation of AuNP fibers by proteinase K.

Ocean Optics Analysis 10-13.png

Figure 2: the figure above shows the peak absorbance values from the spectra in Figure 1 plotted time.