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Today we conducted a diffusion test using a PVA film.



  1. Our group used a PVA film
  2. Jake, Mary, and James used a PVA/clay film
    1. We prepared the diffusion chambers in the following manner
  3. Set the film between the two chambers
  4. Added liquid to each chamber
    1. One chamber was filled with 10 mL water
    2. The other chamber was filled with 10 mL 20ppm Malachite green
  5. Withdraw 200uL from each chamber at the 5 minute mark and place in their own eppy tube
    1. NOTE: I want the groups to coordinate so that their 5 minutes don't overlap with one another.
    2. NOTE: We used a small volume cuvette
    3. NOTE: We took a 0 minute measurement for each.
    4. NOTE: We had to dilute the sample from our chamber with the 20ppm. We used a 1:2 dilution each time. So, when we returned the sample, we only returned the non-diluted sample.
  6. We measured the UV-Vis spectrum for both samples and returned each to the chamber it originally came from
  7. We took measurements at various times over the next two days.

General Protocol taken from Dr. Hartings.


The thickness of the film was measured using a Promas Sylvae System. The measures were taken on the negative portion of the film after the film was cut to size to fit the diffusion tube. Three measurements were taken resulting in 0.52mm, 0.55mm, and 0.58mm. The film thickness was calculated using the average of the measurements. The film thickness is 0.55mm. The film mass was also recorded weighing 0.2350g.

Table 1. Shows the times of when the UV vis measurements were taken from each side of the diffusion tube. The undiluted portions of each solution was returned back to the chamber. It is important to note that the 15 minute measurement was taken before the 5 minute aliquots could be returned; and the aliquots of the 15 minutes were not returned at all.

Table 1. Time stamps.png


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