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Creating Calibration Curves for NaCl Solution and Glycine Buffer Solution

  • In order to create pH and conductivity curves for our 50 mM NaCl solution and 50 mM Glycine buffer solution, we first made dilutions of our stock solutions. We made our dilutions in 14 mL Falcon tubes using the volumes of stock solution and water found in the chart in the data section.
  • pH and conductivity readings for each dilution were then obtained using a pH and conductivity meter. The readings and calibration curves constructed using that data can be found in the data section.


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Glycine Buffer and NaCl solution Dilutions.png

Glycine Buffer Solution Data.png

Glycine Buffer Solution Conductivity Calibration Curve.png

Glycine Buffer Solution pH Calibration Curve.png

NaCl Solution Data.png

NaCl Solution Conductivity Calibration Curve.png

NaCl Solution pH Calibration Curve.png


  • Today we also removed the dialysis beakers (for the dialysis that was started yesterday) from the shaker and transferred the solutions inside and outside of the tubing in each to Falcon tubes for storage until next week.