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  • Measurement practice
  • Nanoparticle preparation

Task List

  • Prepare 100ml of 2.5 mmol HAuCl4 and 100ml of 250 umol BSA stock solutions
  • Prepare 10ml AU:BSA solutions of 80:1 and 160:1
  • Prepare 100 mL of 1.71 mM NaCl
  • Prepare 10 mL of 13.5 μM dye
  • Measure pipette accuracy


  • Pipette Accuracy

DAMM Pipette Data.png

  • Glassware Cleanliness Using UV and Fluoresence

DAMM UV-Vis.jpg


  • Water Purity

HPLC Water: 4.39 µS/cm DI Water: 3.47 µS/cm Tap Water: 4.06 µS/cm