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  1. Crosslink the film prepared on September 9th
  2. Make beads using a large-batch profile
  3. Prepare films for XRD or DSC


  1. Crosslinking films
    • The film from September 9th was crosslinked using this protocol.
  2. Preparing beads
    • The beads were prepared using the same large-batch method as previous attempts. See protocol.
    • Beads were successfully prepared and transferred to two 50 mL Falcon tubes for storage.
  3. Prepare films for XRD or DSC
    • The a portion of the 0.5 mL glutaraldehyde film was removed and weighed (0.3553 g hydrated).
    • Then, this film portion was placed in an oven at 100°C for 2 hours.
    • The mass of the dehydrated film was taken after the 2 hours to measure swelling (0.1111 g dehydrated).

250% swelling. That is pretty impressive. Measure at least 3 times so you can get a standard deviation