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  1. Prepare Bentonite beads
  2. Continue cross linking films
  3. Plot a calibration curve for Malachite Green
  4. Prepare another PVOH film using the 3% wt Bentonite solution to replace some of the water


  1. Bentonite bead synthesis
    • The second attempt to synthesize Bentonite beads followed the procedure from September 7th. This was also unsuccessful as the Bentonite beads did not form as beads, but rather as a clump.
  2. Cross linking films
    • In order to cross link the 1.0 mL glutaraldehyde and PVOH film, the film was placed in a heated acidic sulfate solution for an hour. Then, the film was rinsed with DI water and transferred to a 1.0 M HCl solution for an hour before being rinsed again and transferred to a 0.2 M sodium bicarbinate solution for 30 minutes.
  3. Malachite Green (MG) calibration curve
    • To determine the calibration curve for MG, a serial dilution of the 200 ppm stock solution was performed. Initially, we had 5 dilutions of 20 ppm, 10 ppm, 2 ppm, 1 ppm, and 0.5 ppm. However, both the 20 ppm and 10 ppm solutions yielded an absorbance greater than one. As a result, two more solutions of 8 ppm and 5 ppm were used to establish the calibration curve.
  4. Preparation of the PVOH film
    • The fourth PVOH film was prepared using the same basic procedure from September 2nd. In this case, the only difference was that we used 3.33 mL of a 3% Bentonite solution and 8.67 mL of DI water with the 1.0 g of Bentonite and 0.5 mL of glutaraldehyde instead of just 12 mL of DI water.
    • Following the dissolution of all crystals in the solution, the film was transferred to a labelled teflon dish and left under the fume hood to form.


Don't forget to fill in the actual data collected, rather than just the plan. Precision matters here.
If you did not collect/measure data, you can refer to a team member's notebook.