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Double checking

  • cbb1, cbb12, Duo17, and Duo18 are all indeed Gm resistant
  • WM cco is indeed DAP dependent and Gm resistant
  •  !! cbb1 and 12 seem to be sucrose resistant> entire streak had thick growth on sucrose plates
  • Duo17 and 18 seem mostly sucrose sensitive> colonies thin out greatly by end of streak


Spin down

  • Duo has 2 small MR-1 colonies
  • cbb3 has many MR-1 colonies w/ diff sizes
  • cco has 2 small MR-1 colonies

2 colonies from each plate streaked onto new LB Gm plate to ensure they're not contaminants

Suicide vector loss

  • Inoculated salt-free LB for new overnight cultures with Duo 17 and Duo 18

Conjugation cco

  • w/ new filtration devices

Colony PCR

  • Platinum gradient PCR to test conditions for cbb and Duo
  • Platinum PCR with 2 cco colonies at 56C and 1 direction determinant (relative to M13F sequencing primer)