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PCR results

Top 2 lanes in ladders are 2kb and 800bp

PCR results.png

  • 1st 8: cco in pER21 candidate
  • 2nd 8: cbb3 in pER21 candidate
  • 3rd 8: Duo in TOPO C
  • last 8: TOPO B, different colonies
    • TOPO B3, B6, B7, and B10 seem correct
    • Not quit sure what the other bands are, but the TOPO C stuff looks that size??
  • none of the conditions look particularly different, but this is a low res. gel
    • temperature 7 seems like a good place to start
  • alarmingly not clean
  • TOPO C looks like it might only have 1/2 of what it's supposed to?