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100mg of AuNP was not enough to show detection in EIS, therefore we will be testing metal dusts to gauge an estimate as to how much is needed to be detected.


  • We made a solution around 6.25% which is approximately 0.1g
  • For 15% (15.25%), 0.27g needed
  • For 20% (21%), 0.4g needed
  • For 25%, 0.5g needed
  • For 30% (30.2%), 0.65g needed

We will be working with Copper because it is the most conductive metal dust we have.


15% Cu 20% Cu 25% Cu 30% Cu
1.44083g PEO 1.44065g PEO 1.44099g PEO 1.44532g PEO
0.06274g Trifilate 0.06153g Trifilate 0.06176g Trifilate 0.06072g Trifilate
0.272292g Cu 0.39989g Cu 0.50776g Cu 0.65705g Cu


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