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  • Create New Calibration Curve
  • Finish making films of increased concentration, both salts
  • Put together the calibration curve
  • Take AC of new films, take DSC of all films


  1. Creation of the Calibration Curve
    1. We have made the calibration curve for the batch of AuNPs from 02/04
      • We realized however that our method for producing AuNPs produces differing sizes of nanoparticles. Therefore there is a shift in the peak wavelength. We have a paper that describes how to account for this, however in my opinion it is more trouble than it's worth. As long as we make the samples the same day as making the AuNPs, we will know the concentrations of gold present and be fine.
  2. Finishing the films
    1. Solutions have been mixed but now must be dried.
      • As we noticed with the calibration curve, the variance in nanoparticle size could have thrown our numbers. Also the solution we used had crashed out. The exact date and time it crashed is unknown. So these samples will not be used.
  3. AC and DSC
    1. Still have not been preformed because we are waiting for all possible samples before preforming DSC.


AuNPs for Calibration Curve

  • 0.12351g HAuCl4
  • 0.11632g Sodium Citrate
  • 0.00348g NaBH4


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