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Taken from Jake's Open WetWare:


  • Dry the Doped Wet mix
  • Prepare New Doped Wet Mix (different salt)
  • Analyze DSC Data
  • Analyze Impedence Data
  • Make Doped Films
  • DSC and AC on New Films


  1. Dry the Doped Wet Mix
    • The PEO and salt are dissolved in a solution of Au NPs and H2O. This needs to be dried so we can use the hot press to produce more films. The lyophilizer is not working because we need an adapter to plug it in. We considered using the rotovap, however we expect the mixture to become very viscous, which would make extraction from a round bottom flask very difficult. We opted to boil the solution in a glass dish.
  2. Prepare New Doped Wet Mix (different Salt)
    1. The Mass of PEO and BF4Li was determined by Melvin.
    2. 16.946mL of the AuNP solution prepared on January 30
      • The control concentration was used


Prepare New Doped Wet Mix (different Salt)

  • 1.44570g PEO
  • 0.06499g BF4Li
  • 16.946mL of AuNP solution (synthesized on 02/04)


To evaporate the water, we boiled it. Watch for the solution boiling over and make sure the majority of the water is boiled out. If the mixture still has the consistency of jelly, it needs more time.