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Journal research for article

  • Possible journals that take Unsolicited reviews:
  • Journal of neuroscience: $850 dollar publication fee; $100 submission fee;
  • Free Radical Biology & Medicine: Impact Factor: 5.44; 70% rejection rate; 1st decision in 5.4 weeks.

The journal welcomes original contributions dealing with all aspects of free radical and oxidant research including both in vitro and in vivo studies.

  • Neuroepidemiology: Impact Factor 2.203; Reviews may be invited by the Editor or they may be unsolicited views (max. 5,000 words), although in the latter, we ask the author to send the Editor a short outline first (300–400 words) to ensure that a review on a similar subject has not already been commissioned.

Nutritional factors in cerebral aging and dementia: Epidemiological arguments for a role of oxidative stress.Preview Deschamps, Valérie; Barberger-Gateau, Pascale; Peuchant, Evelyne; Orgogozo, Jean Marc; Neuroepidemiology, Vol 20(1), Feb 2001. pp. 7-15.

  • Annals of Clinical Psychiatry

• A Review of Antioxidants and Alzheimer's Disease.Preview Frank, Bradford; Gupta, Sanjay; Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, Vol 17(4), Oct-Dec 2005. pp. 269-286.