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  • Conclude 8-day ISE study.
  • Conclude 8-day study on films and cells.
    • Please refer to Keyun Wang's entries from 2013/04/16 to 2013/04/23 for data and observations on this study.

Eight-Day ISE Study

8 Day ISE Study.jpg

  • Refer to the protocol on 2013/04/16.
  • Silver concentration in solution increased until day 4, after which it decreased. This occurred for both the film containing silver-exchanged clay and the film synthesized using the novel method, in which unexchanged Laponite and AgNO3 were combined in the film. It is hypothesized that silver continuously leached out of the films, but was also slowly oxidized by exposure to air and light. This therefore decreased its concentration in solution as detected by the ISE.