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  • Prepare starter cultures of DH5α-T1 cells.
  • Make film of PLA2002D + 33wt% 105CEC AgLMT.

Starter Cultures

PLA2002D + 33wt% 105CEC AgLMT

  • 105CEC AgLMT made on 2013/04/09 was obtained. The protocol on 2013/02/06 was followed.
  • Theoretical mass PLA: 3.00 g
    • Actual mass PLA: 3.01275 g

  • Theoretical mass 105AgLMT: 1.00 g
    • Actual mass 105AgLMT: 0.99864 g

  • It was calculated that per 1 g of LMT, 0.062 g of Ag was added in the 105% CEC exchange. In an alternative method of synthesizing the antimicrobial films, both silver and LMT were added to dissolved PLA2002D without first being exchanged. Please refer to the following protocol.
    1. Dissolve 3 g of PLA2002D in 30 mL of dichloromethane under a fume hood by stirring gently and heating to about 40°C.
    2. Add 0.0981 g AgNO3 and 1 g Laponite to the stirring solution.
    3. Stir the solution for 2 h, then cast into a Teflon dish.

  • Actual mass PLA2002D: 3.01021 g
  • Actual mass AgNO3: 0.09997 g
  • Actual mass Laponite: 0.99206 g