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  • Filter more 100AgLMT.
  • Make films of PLA2002D + 33wt% LMT and PLA2002D + 33wt% 100AgLMT.


  • The reserved gel of 100AgLMT, made on 2013/02/12, was filtered with 42 Whatman paper and washed with 3 10-mL aliquots of (50:50) H2O/EtOH. Afterward, the clay was placed in an aluminum dish in an 80°C oven to dry overnight. It was subsequently ground with a mortar and pestle for use in films.

PLA2002D Films

  • The protocol on 2013/02/06 was followed to make both films.

PLA2002D + 33wt% LMT

  • Theoretical mass PLA2002D: 3.00 g
    • Actual mass PLA2002D: 3.01 g
  • Theoretical mass LMT: 1.02206 g
    • Actual mass LMT: 1.00121 g

PLA2002D + 33wt% 100AgLMT

  • Theoretical mass PLA2002D: 3.00 g
    • Actual mass PLA2002D: 3.00 g
  • Theoretical mass 100AgLMT: 1.02206 g
    • Actual mass 100AgLMT: 0.52178 g

  • Note that there was not enough 100AgLMT remaining to achieve 1.02206 g of sample. The final amount of 100AgLMT in the film was 17% of the 3 g of polymer.