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  • Make DH5α-T1 cell starter cultures for 15-h bacterial growth inhibition study on 2013/04/03.
  • Begin 105% ion exchange reaction with AgNO3 and Laponite in (50:50) H2O:EtOH.
  • Make 3 g films of PLA2002D + 33wt% LMT and PLA2002D + 33wt% AgLMT.

Ion Exchange with AgNO3 and Laponite

  • In order to increase the amount of silver present in polymer films containing silver-loaded clay, a new batch of AgLMT was synthesized with a calculated cation exchange percentage of 105%. In other words, Ag+ was present in excess in the reaction solution. Please refer to the calculations below, given that the amount of LMT needed was 4 g.
  MW AgNO3: 169.87 g/mol
  CEC LMT: 55 meqv/100 g LMT
  4 g LMT × (55 meqv/100 g LMT) × (1 mol Ag+/1000 meqv) × (1 mol AgNO3/1 mol Ag+) × (169.87 g AgNO3/1 mol AgNO3) × 105% = 0.39240 g AgNO3
  • The protocol for the ion exchange can be found in the entry on 2013/01/29. Note that 60 mL of (50:50) by volume pure H2O:EtOH was used to prevent the formation of a Laponite hydrogel.

  • Theoretical mass Laponite: 4 g
    • Actual mass Laponite: 4.00178 g
  • Theoretical mass AgNO3: 0.39240 g
    • Actual mass AgNO3: 0.39190 g

PLA2002D Films

  • 100AgLMT made on 2013/02/05 was used in the film of PLA2002D + 33wt% AgLMT.
  • Please refer to the protocol on 2013/02/06 and calculations on 2013/03/27.

PLA2002D + 33wt% LMT

  • Theoretical mass PLA2002D: 3 g
    • Actual mass PLA2002D: 3.03048 g
  • Theoretical mass LMT: 1.02206 g
    • Actual mass LMT:

PLA2002D + 33wt% 100AgLMT

  • Theoretical mass PLA2002D: 3 g
    • Actual mass PLA2002D: 3.01800 g
  • Theoretical mass 100AgLMT: 1.02206 g
    • Actual mass 100AgLMT: