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  • Take UV-vis absorbance data for solutions made on 2012/09/11 to determine whether AuNPs were formed.
  • Add Tris buffer to fiber-containing solutions made on 2012/09/12, then take absorbance measurements over a period of time.

UV-Vis Data for AuNP/BSA Solutions

  • Please refer to Dhea Patel's entry for UV-vis graphs.
  • Note that the mole ratios of the Au/BSA solutions were considered arbitrary and therefore not included on the graph. In each graph, a peak is observed around 530-540 nm. The concentration and pH of the buffer does not significantly affect the absorbance peak. In addition, the peaks were not significantly different at 30 minutes after the fiber resuspension or at 90 minutes after the fiber resuspension. If the observed peak is indeed due to the formation of AuNPs from the resuspension of Au/BSA fibers, then the AuNPs take a maximum of 30 minutes to form and do not degrade quickly.
  • UV-vis data analysis of Au/BSA solutions made on 2012/09/12:
    • The concentrations of the HAuCl4 and BSA stock solutions were miscalculated, resulting in Au/BSA solutions with Au:BSA mole ratios greater than 133. Dhea Patel's entry provides images of fibers that were observed in the solutions. Consequently, the UV-vis spectra of these solutions show no peaks indicative of the presence of AuNPs.
  • Please refer to Dhea Patel's entry for UV-vis spectra and data analysis of Au/BSA solutions made on 2012/09/11.


  • Peak shift absorbance will be conducted on 2012/09/18.
  • 8 mL of 80 AuNP/BSA solution was made on 2012/09/12:
    • 330 μL BSA, 86 μL HAuCl4, 7.584 mL H2O
  • 0.1 mL of pH 10 Tris buffer solution at concentrations 1 M, 500 mM, 100 mM, and x will be added to 0.9 mL of 80 AuNP/BSA solution on 2012/09/18.
  • The solutions will be left to sit for x min, then absorbance data obtained.