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  • Reanalyze AuNP/BSA + Tris buffer solutions with UV-vis spectroscopy.
  • Remake AuNP/BSA solutions. Please refer to Dhea Patel's entry for images of the solutions.

Au/BSA Fibers

  • Refer to entry on 2012/09/05 for fiber resuspension in Tris buffer.
  • Solutions made on 2012/09/05 were left to sit for one week, then UV-vis spectroscopy data was taken to determine whether any AuNP/BSA was resuspended in that time.
  • The absorbance of the Tris buffer solutions alone was not taken. It is necessary to do so in the future so that the absorbance spectra of Tris buffer can be observed and differentiated from the spectra of Au/BSA solutions.


  • Please refer to Dhea Patel's entry for UV-vis data and Au/BSA solution calculations.
  • Only two peaks around 530 nm were observed for UV-vis absorbance on the samples, compared to absorbance taken on 2012/09/05. This may be due to the fact that the solutions on 2012/09/11 were centrifuged before absorbance was taken, whereas the solutions made on 2012/09/05 were not centrifuged.