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  • Took ABS made filament from the filabot. Cut them into small pieces and made a mosaic on the XRD disc.
  • 5 20 2014 ABS filameny.png
  • This gives a baseline to see if MOF-5 is in ABS that is extruded with the mosaic method. The peak near the end of the spectrum is the background metal from the XRD disc.

  • Took the 5% MOF-5 in ABS casting made from this day and put into the extruder. The filament made was cut and arranged as a mosaic on the XRD disc.
  • 5 MOF5 extruded mosaic 5 20 2014.png
  • There is a small peak around 10. I overlaid the spectra of the PXRD of MOF-5 and changed the scale
  • Comparison 5 20 2014 MOF5.png
  • 5 20 2014 comparison ekkkk.png
  • Also, the filament that was extruded was put on a hotplate and was squeezed into a thinner size to give the graph below. The sample on the disc was not flat, as it was a chunk of the MOF-5 and ABS extruded. This did not work at all.
  • 5 20 2014 5 MOF5 extruded heated.png