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MOF-5 Synthesis

  • Synthesize MOF-5 by using the protocol from FIX THIS (room temp. synthesis of metal-organic frameworks:MOF-5..... Tranchemontagne...)


  1. 5.0065 g of terephthalic acid and 8.5 mL of triethylamine dissolved in 400 mL of DMF
  2. 16.881 g of zinc acetate dissolved in 500 mL of DMF
  3. Once both fully dissolved, the zinc acetate was added to the organic solution
  4. Solution stirred for 2.5 hours
  5. Filter out solid
  • left for the day, so left in the hood
    • Next time
  1. Save ~1 mg of solid
  2. Put precipitate in 250 mL of DMF and left in hood with watch glass on