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Horseradish Peroxidase UV-Vis and Gold Solution


  1. Make more standards of HRP and run on UV-Vis
  2. Test gold standards, citrate-AuNP solutions and BSA-AuNP solutions on the AA/ICPMS


The protocol can be found from yesterdays lab. The only adjestment was that the diltuion of the HRP was a total of 10 mL instead of 2mL.


  • AA/ICPMS of own personal recordings

2013 cmj AAours.jpeg

  • Calibration curve for Gold on own personal standards

2013 cmj aacali.png

  • Calibration Curve of class data for Gold on AA/ICPMS

9 11 2013 aagroup cmj.png

  • UV-Vis Trial 3 of HRP

9 11 2013 cmj trial3.png

  • Calibration Curve of HRP for trial 3

9 11 2013 cali trial3.png


Determine how many atoms are in a AuNP

  • Avg. abs. for citrate was .1444

Use the calibration curve on group data, y=3×10-5x2+0.0209x


Solve for x

x= -703.51 and x=6.842

So, x= 6.842μg/mL

The concentration we used was diluted by a factor of 10. So actual concentration is .06842g/L

.006842g/L Au* (1 mol/ 196.96657 g Au)= 3.47x10-4 M of Au

The #Au Atoms/NP = [Au]/[citrate-AuNP] = (3.47x10-4 M)/( 9.17×10-9M)= 37,884 The concentration of citrate AuNP was found in a previous lab.

The amount of Au atoms in citrate-AuNP is 37,884