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Analysis of A.nidulans metabolic network

Using the all genes that were DE by T test (p-value 0.05), I reran the correlated subnetwork (jActiveModule) search using the A.nidulans metabolic network.

Interesting subnetworks

1. anthranilate (AN) metabolite.

  • DE enzymes connected to AN.
    • AN1857 (Afu4g09840) & AN5952 (Afu2g10360) - kynureniases, EC, catalyze kynurenine → AN + alanine.
    • These are up-reg at 4h, down-reg at 6h.
    • AN3634 (Afu4g11980) - anthranilate phosphoribosyl transferase (biosynth of tryptophan + others)
    • up-reg at 6h.
  • Pathway:
    • AN is used in tryptophan biosynthesis.
    • AN is also metabolite of tryptophan metabolism (kynurenine is intermediate).
    • AN is intermediate of chorismate biosynth. Chorismate is a precursor to siderophore, ubiquinone, folate, all iron containing compounds.
  • Explanation. Presumably, AN is regulated to control chorismate in response to iron. Little other pathway support for this:
    • nothing in between AN & chorismate pathway is DE.
    • 2 tryptophan dehydrogenases are DE (first step in TRP to kynurenine metabolism), but evidence is contradictory. AN1858 (Afu4g09830) is dn-reg at 6h, same as kynurinases, AN2509 (Afu3g14250) is dn-reg at 4h (when kynurinases are up-reg).

2. oxalic acid

  • little support, intermediate in TCA, TCA cycle linked to iron availability (anaplerotic rxn).