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Purpose: Disk Smoothing and Fluorescence Spec

Procedure: See 1/29/15 for full smoothing

Fluorescence Spec Parameters Start: 300 nm End: 550 nm Excitation: 280 nm Ex Slit: 10 nm Em Slit: 4.5 nm Scan Speed:200 nm/min Auto Voltage


For disk smoothing used 600 ml beaker, 80 ml beaker, 50 mL acetone, foil, and watch glass. Heated acetone far above boiling and placed test disk #1 onto the foil. Condensation formed almost immediately on the watch glass covering the beaker and dropped liquid acetone onto the disk, covering it. The top of the disk became very smooth after five minutes. The bottom of the disk dissolved into the foil, looking like melted chocolate.

For test disk # 2 heated the acetone on very low heat before adding the disk. Once the disk was added removed the beaker from the heat and allowed to stand for 50 minutes. Reheated after those 50 minutes until condensation was forming on the side of the beaker. Let stand for an additional 20 minutes. After that 20 minutes reheated the beaker again at a very low heat setting for 50 minutes. Once those 50 minutes was up the acetone had evaporated but the disk was smooth.

Fluorescence Spec

  • average peaks with 6-10 turns per samples, 6 samples at each percentage
  • To save data click graph1, open file, click on the name of the run, change file type to ASCII, change to txt
  • data is under my computer, C, FL Winlab, Data