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Entry title

Purpose: Printing Raftless Dogbones

Safety and Procedure: See 10/8 for details about specs, only variable that changes is feeddiameter


First attempt with ABS failed as the edge of the dogbone nearest the window started to lift up and casused the print to mess up. Moved the dogbone further back on the heating plate to see if that had a positive effect.

Moving back the dogbone seemed to fix the issue with the dogbone lifting off the plate. Letting the dogbones cool for about 5 minutes so they are not damaged when they are removed from the plate due to being too warm.

Printed ABS dogbones NR 2 through NR 10.

Started printing with 1% TiO2 filament made on 9/17. Printing will begin from the bottom up to the top (so last to come the filabot extruder to fist first to come out).

Two samples were taken for HPLC testing and came from the very bottom of the filament.

 1% Post Filabot (PF1): 0.0496 g
 1% Post Printer (P3D1): 0.0406 g

measurements for filament width were about half of my wingspan (estimated to be about half a meter).

1% NR1. Diameter of the filament 1.50 mm to 1.70 mm. Selecting 1.62 mm for filament diameter in the printing profile.

1% NR2. Diameter of the filament 1.60 mm to 1.80 mm. Selecting 1.72 mm for filament diameter in the printing profile.

1% NR3. Diameter of the filament 1.63 mm to 1.83 mm. Selecting 1.73 mm for filament diameter in the printing profile.