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Purpose: Create 25 g cast of TiO2 10% and mix 5% filament in Dr. Fox's extruder

Safety and Procedure: Normal large casting, see 6/18/14, but with 250 mL of acetone instead of 200.


Created a 25 g TiO2 cast

 Mass %	Mass TiO2	Mass ABS
 10.0%	2.5016 g	22.4976 g

Added 250 mL acetone to TiO2. Sonicated from 7:15 am to 7:20 am at 21°C to 22°C. Added ABS and sonicated from 7:20 am at 22°C to 5:05 pm at 38°C. Heated the pan at 80°C from 4:05 pm to 6:07 pm.

The cast is smoother than 9/24 cast. No ABS chunks but several air bubbles. No severe aggregation is seen but the ABS appears "marbled" as it isn't a monotone color. However, it appears that the slight inconsistency will be resolved by Dr. Fox's extruder.

Figure 1: No chunks or abnormal air bubbles.

20141001 094928.jpg