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Entry title

  • Purpose: To extrude the 20 g sample from 6/18/2014 through the extruder and create more NH4-CNC solution.

Safety and Procedure: See 6/6/2014 for column information

Experimental: The extruder would not turn on at first. After cleaning some metal filaments from the bottom and opening the sides to look the power would turn on if both the power button and heating button were switched on in that order.

Put large filament (from 6/18/2014) fragments into the extruder at 180°C. The first approximately three feet were normal and smooth but the rest was very puffy. Also to note the filament fragments clumped together in the hopper. Had to press down on the them so the screw would break it up.

Cut up the extruded filament into smaller pieces so it could be run through the extruder a second time. The second time thought the extuder got the same problem of air bubbles in the filament. Cut up the filament into even smaller fragements to see it that helped.

Made 7 mL of NH4-CNC solution, bringing the total up to 78 mL.