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Purpose: Continue running old XRD data

Safety and Procedure: See 6/13/14 for XRD and 5/19/14 for solvent casting

Experimental: Reference castings were made for ABS and PLA for XRD

  • ABS from Filabot 1.006 g
  • ABS from Dr. Fox 0.9988 g
  • PLA 0.999 g

The ABS from FIlabot and the PLA were put in the sonicator at 10:40 am at 36°C. The ABS from Dr. Fox was put in at 11:25 am at 38°C. All three samples were run till 3:30 pm at 42°C.

For the Na-NH4+ ion exchange approximately 56 mL of Na-CNC has been collected. In order to help flush the system a funnel was attached on the top of the column and filled with 50 mL of HPLC water.