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Repeat Temperature Analysis Performed Last Friday

  • Temperature analysis that was performed last Friday was repeated again today with 10 samples of 10 μM Rhodamine B incubated at 0 °C, 24 °C, and 60°C. The only change from the previously described technique for analysis is that only 450 μL of supernatant were removed from each sample after 2 hours. These samples were then diluted with 450 μL DI water and UV-Vis was run in 1 mL polystyrene cuvettes.


  • Below are the raw and calculated data for the temperature samples analyzed today:

Second Temperature Set new.png

Temperature Bar Graph (Dilution results).png

The graph above shows the percent change in concentration of Rhodamine B after 2 hours of incubation under various temperature conditions. It is worth noting that the concentration was assumed to be 10 μM to start. Unfortunately, it was realized after-the-fact that due to dilution with water, the measured concentrations are actually probably lower than the true concentrations. Rhodamine B standards that were dissolved in water peaked lower, so using the calibration curve that was created with supernatant was inappropriate for analysis of these samples.