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  • Prepare 24 hour incubation samples.

Things Done

  • Because it was determined that 10 μM Rhodamine B is within the linear range, it was decided that new incubations should be done with higher concentrations of Rhodamine B. It was decided that Rhodamine B would be added such that concentrations would be 10, 5, and 2 μM. To prepare the incubation samples, it was necessary to create new Rhodamine B standards of higher concentrations. To this end, Rhodamine B stock solutions of the following concentrations were prepared:
  • 1.39 mM
  • 0.695 mM
  • 0.278 mM
  • Maxi treated the most recent batch of fibers with the Rhodamine above such that the final Rhodamine B concentrations were 10, 5, and 2 μM. They were left to incubate overnight.
  • Maxi and I prepared new fiber samples and placed them in the oven. Synthesis should be complete by tomorrow and they will be used for 2 hour incubation samples.